Our Technicians

At ATI we take pride in hiring excellent employees. They are experienced, trustworthy, and must meet the high standards we set for them. Our technicians are clean cut and wear a complete uniform. We are confident that you could send them to any office in your building proudly. Not only is our service first rate, but our technicians are as well.   Over half of our staff has been with ATI for 9+ years!

From the front office staff to the technicians in the field, everyone at ATI is prepared to do whatever it takes to exceed their customers’ expectation.

Below are some of the trainings, certifications, and license that our technicians hold:

•    Master Electrical License
•    BICSI Technicians
•    BICSI Installers
•    Hubbell Certifications
•    Confined Space Training
•    Outside Plant Training

•    Fusion Splice Training
•    AMP Certifications
•    Leviton Certifications
•    Krone Certifications
•    NBX Technical Fundamentals
•    Partner ACS Systems

•    IDCS 500 Basic
•    UCx Advanced Engineering Certification
•    Network Fundamentals
•    TCP/IP
•    VOIP
•    Asterisk

Our staff